Rock - Dark Princess - Stop My Heart (2CD) (2008)
GENRE..... Rock
STYLE...... Gothic Metal Rock
LABEL..... MachXX
MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE... Feb-02-2008
Brand New on the MachXX label, Russia's premier Dark / Goth Metal act Dark Princess unveil ôStop My Heartö - an album that is bound to cause quite a stir in and beyond the genre. With
Olga Romanova, the band sports an eye-catching front figure with a mighty voice, but they are also masters at producing massive guitar riffs and writing tunes with hit potential. On "Stop My
Heart", they show their expertise by conjuring up a collection of extremely versatile catchy and dark rock pieces. Dark Princess effectively mingle classical influences and romantic elements with rocking NuMetal-attacks. OlgaÆs powerful voice is nothing short of mesmerizing while the bandÆs straightforward sound assures maximum rockability, making sure that even the most romantic moments never border on kitsch. Dark Princess aim directly at the heartà but without neglecting the rock factor.
ôStop My Heartö is released as a Limited first Edition including the groupÆs debut album "Without You" as a bonus disc!
01 cry
02 stop my heart
03 one last goodbye
04 please betray me
05 join me in life
06 the deepest fall
07 no pain
08 close to the sky
09 endless dead time
10 the pyre's song
11 nas bol she net
12 zhestokaya igra
01 yearning for the sun
02 living in me
03 lost sunrise
04 the skin of the universe
05 reach the sky
06 let me go
07 taste of shame
08 without you
09 the game
10 my fragile winter dream
11 my fragile winter dream (acoustic version)

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