N.E.R.D. - Seeing Sounds (2008)  

GENRE........: Hip-Hop

RELEASE DATE.: 06/05/2008
SiZE.....: 72,5 MB
LABEL........: Interscope Records
PLAYTIME.....: 50:51 min

N.E.R.D. "Seeing Sounds"

You already know the story of the Neptunes, Grammy Award winning producers and songwriters Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, but the N.E.R.D. trio consists of Pharrell
Williams, Chad Hugo, and longtime friend and creative wunderkind, Shae Haley. The album is a blistering mash-up of booming hip-hop beats and rollercoastering rock riffs,
rumbling crunk rhythms and scintillating soul music.
Whereas their first album, "In Search Of...," was an imaginative, exploration of identities, and their second album, "Fly or Die," sought out the range of genres and sounds that have influenced the group, "Seeing Sounds" grinds everything together, evoking a sound that is
un-tethered by preconceptions and convention. It is also an album that amplifies the style and attitudes that have made Pharrell, Chad and Shae transcendent cultural icons.

"The Neptunes is what we do, but N.E.R.D. is who we are. It's our life" says Pharrell. The three of them together combine for uninhibited explorations of sounds, emotions
and truth, adhering to no agenda, subscribing to no rules.
N.E.R.D. is the way they live their life, they way they see the world.

01. time for some action
02. everyone nose (all the girls standing in the line for the bathr
03. windows
04. anti matter
05. spaz
06. yeah you
07. sooner or later
08. happy
09. kill joy
10. love bomb
11. you know what
12. laugh about it

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