GENRE........ Metal
LABEL......... Irond Ltd.
BiTRATE....... VBRkbps/44.1kHz
RLS DATE..... 12.01.2008

Come Clarity is the eighth studio album by In Flames,
released on February 3, 2006 in Europe through
Nuclear Blast Records and February 7 in the U.S.
through Ferret Records.
Come Clarity features the return of the guitar
harmonies and the solos to the band, and it is
described by the band as being the mixture of the
past and the present sound of In Flames.
The song "Dead End" is the fourth In Flames song to
feature female vocals (the others being "Everlost pt.
2" from Lunar Strain, "Whoracle" from Whoracle, and
"Metaphor" from Reroute to Remain), this time from
Swedish singer-songwriter Lisa Miskovsky.
The album features the artwork of Derek Hess, who is
popular among metal bands and has produced artwork
for Converge and Sepultura amongst others.

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01 Take this Life
02 Leeches
03 Reflect the Storm
04 Dead End
05 Scream
06 Come Clarity
07 Vacuum
08 Pacing Deaths Trail
09 Crawl Through Knives
10 Versus Terminus
11 Our Infinite Struggle
12 Vanishing Light
13 Your Bedtime Story is Scaring Everyone


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