Roy Orbison Albums  

Roy orbison-beautiful dreamer 56k

Roy Orbison - 01 - Let's Make A Memory.mp3 934Kb
Roy Orbison - 02 - No One Will Ever Know.mp3 1,011Kb
Roy Orbison - 03 - Sunset.mp3 1,022Kb
Roy Orbison - 04 - House Without Windows.mp3 963Kb
Roy Orbison - 05 - Gigoletto.mp3 1Mb
Roy Orbison - 06 - Beautiful Dreamer.mp3 951Kb
Roy Orbison - 07 - Summer Song.mp3 1Mb
Roy Orbison - 08 - Goodnight.mp3 1,013Kb
Roy Orbison - 09 - You're My Girl.mp3 1Mb
Roy Orbison - 10 - Sleepy Hollow.mp3 1Mb
Roy Orbison - 11 - With A Bug.mp3 1,008Kb
Roy Orbison - 12 - My Prayer.mp3 1Mb
Roy Orbison - 13 - All I Have To Do Is Dream.mp3 990Kb
Roy Orbison - 14 - Evergreen.mp3 1Mb
Roy Orbison - 15 - Distant Drums.mp3 1Mb
Files: 15 Folders: 0 Total size: 15Mb
roy orbison-pretty woman 56k

Roy Orbison - 01 - Oh, Pretty Woman.mp3 1Mb
Roy Orbison - 02 - Ooby Dooby.mp3 898Kb
Roy Orbison - 03 - I Never Knew.mp3 959Kb
Roy Orbison - 04 - Problem Child.mp3 883Kb
Roy Orbison - 05 - You're Gonna Cry.mp3 867Kb
Roy Orbison - 06 - Trying To Get To You.mp3 1Mb
Roy Orbison - 07 - Sweet And Easy To Love.mp3 897Kb
Roy Orbison - 08 - Rockhouse.mp3 831Kb
Roy Orbison - 09 - A True Love Goodbye.mp3 951Kb
Roy Orbison - 10 - Devil Doll.mp3 883Kb
Roy Orbison - 11 - It's Too Late.mp3 805Kb
Roy Orbison - 12 - Go Go Go (Down The Line).mp3 874Kb
Roy Orbison - 13 - Mean Little Mam.mp3 801Kb
Roy Orbison - 14 - I Was A Fool.mp3 924Kb
Roy Orbison - 15 - Fools Hall Of Fame.mp3 1,008Kb
Roy Orbison - 16 - This Kind Of Love.mp3 865Kb
Files: 16 Folders: 0 Total size: 14Mb
roy orbison-best of

01 Only the Lonely.mp3 3Mb
02 Leah.mp3 4Mb
03 In Dreams.mp3 4Mb
04 Uptown.mp3 3Mb
05 It's Over.mp3 4Mb
06 Crying.mp3 4Mb
07 Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream).mp3 4Mb
08 Blue Angel.mp3 4Mb
09 Working for the Man.mp3 3Mb
10 Candy Man.mp3 4Mb
11 Running Scared.mp3 3Mb
12 Falling.mp3 3Mb
13 Love Hurts.mp3 3Mb
14 Shahdaroba.mp3 4Mb
15 I'm Hurtin'.mp3 4Mb
16 Mean Woman Blues.mp3 3Mb
17 Pretty Paper.mp3 4Mb
18 The Crowd.mp3 3Mb
19 Blue Bayou.mp3 3Mb
20 Oh, Pretty Woman.mp3 4Mb
Files: 20 Folders: 0 Total size: 72Mb
roy orbison-mystery Girl

(All I Can Do Is) Dream You.mp3 3Mb
Careless Heart.mp3 4Mb
She's A Mystery To Me.mp3 4Mb
The Only One.mp3 4Mb
You Got It.mp3 3Mb
Files: 5 Folders: 0 Total size: 18Mb
roy orbison-roy orbison - gold

01. Ooby Dooby.mp3 3Mb
02. Only The Lonely.mp3 3Mb
03. Working For The Man.mp3 4Mb
04. Running Scared.mp3 3Mb
05. Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream).mp3 4Mb
06. Crying.mp3 4Mb
07. Claudette.mp3 4Mb
08. In Dreams.mp3 4Mb
09. Blue Bayou.mp3 4Mb
10. It's Over.mp3 4Mb
11. Oh, Pretty Woman.mp3 4Mb
12. Go, Go, Go (Down The Line).mp3 3Mb
13. Sunglasses.mp3 2Mb
14. Being Remembered.mp3 735Kb
15. Crawling Back.mp3 4Mb
16. Communication Breakdown.mp3 4Mb
17. Breaking Up Is Breaking My Heart.mp3 3Mb
18. Walk On.mp3 4Mb
Files: 18 Folders: 0 Total size: 63Mb
roy orbison-singles collection 1965-1972

01 - Ride Away.mp3 3Mb
02 - Crawling Back.mp3 3Mb
03 - Breakin' Up Is Breakin' My Heart.mp3 2Mb
04 - Twinkle Toes.mp3 2Mb
05 - Too Soon To Know.mp3 3Mb
06 - Communication Breakdown.mp3 3Mb
07 - So Good.mp3 2Mb
08 - Cry Softly Lonely One.mp3 3Mb
09 - She.mp3 2Mb
10 - Born To Be Loved By You.mp3 3Mb
11 - Walk On.mp3 3Mb
12 - Heartache.mp3 3Mb
13 - Southbound Jericho Parkway.mp3 6Mb
14 - Penny Arcade.mp3 3Mb
15 - She Cheats On Me.mp3 3Mb
16 - So Young.mp3 3Mb
17 - (Love Me Like You Did) Last Night.mp3 3Mb
18 - God Love You.mp3 3Mb
19 - Remember The Good.mp3 3Mb
20 - Memphis, Tennessee.mp3 3Mb
21 - Blue Rain (Coming Down).mp3 3Mb
22 - I Wanna Live.mp3 2Mb
Files: 22 Folders: 0 Total size: 62Mb
roy orbison-the All-Time Greatest Hits of Roy Orbison [Monument]

Folder.jpg 9Kb
Roy Orbison - 01 - Only the Lonely.mp3 6Mb
Roy Orbison - 02 - Leah.mp3 6Mb
Roy Orbison - 03 - In Dreams.mp3 7Mb
Roy Orbison - 04 - Uptown.mp3 5Mb
Roy Orbison - 05 - It's Over.mp3 6Mb
Roy Orbison - 06 - Crying.mp3 6Mb
Roy Orbison - 07 - Dream Baby.mp3 6Mb
Roy Orbison - 08 - Blue Angel.mp3 7Mb
Roy Orbison - 09 - Working for the Man.mp3 6Mb
Roy Orbison - 10 - Candy Man.mp3 6Mb
Roy Orbison - 11 - Running Scared.mp3 5Mb
Roy Orbison - 12 - Falling.mp3 6Mb
Roy Orbison - 13 - Love Hurts.mp3 6Mb
Roy Orbison - 14 - Shahadararoba.mp3 6Mb
Roy Orbison - 15 - I'm Hurtin'.mp3 6Mb
Roy Orbison - 16 - Mean Woman Blues.mp3 6Mb
Roy Orbison - 17 - Pretty Paper.mp3 6Mb
Roy Orbison - 18 - The Crowd.mp3 6Mb
Roy Orbison - 19 - Blue Bayou.mp3 6Mb
Roy Orbison - 20 - Oh, Pretty Woman.mp3 7Mb
Files: 21 Folders: 0 Total size: 120Mb
roy orbison-sings-volume 1 there is only one roy orbison-the orbison way

01-Roy Orbison-Ride Away.mp3 3Mb
02-Roy Orbison-You Fool You.mp3 2Mb
03-Roy Orbison-Two of a Kind.mp3 2Mb
04-Roy Orbison-This Is Your Song.mp3 2Mb
05-Roy Orbison-I'm in a Blue, Blue Mood.mp3 2Mb
06-Roy Orbison-If You Can't Say Something Nice.mp3 2Mb
07-Roy Orbison-Claudette.mp3 2Mb
08-Roy Orbison-Afraid to Sleep.mp3 2Mb
09-Roy Orbison-Sugar and Honey.mp3 2Mb
10-Roy Orbison-Summer Love.mp3 2Mb
11-Roy Orbison-Big as I Can Dream.mp3 2Mb
12-Roy Orbison-Wondering.mp3 2Mb
13-Roy Orbison-Crawling Back.mp3 3Mb
14-Roy Orbison-It Ain't No Big Thing.mp3 2Mb
15-Roy Orbison-Time Changes Everything.mp3 2Mb
16-Roy Orbison-This Is My Land.mp3 3Mb
17-Roy Orbison-The Loner.mp3 2Mb
18-Roy Orbison-Maybe.mp3 2Mb
19-Roy Orbison-Breakin' Up Is Breakin' My Heart.mp3 2Mb
20-Roy Orbison-Go Away.mp3 3Mb
21-Roy Orbison-A New Star.mp3 3Mb
22-Roy Orbison-Never.mp3 2Mb
23-Roy Orbison-It Wasn't Very Long Ago.mp3 2Mb
24-Candy Men-Why Hurt the One Who Loves You.mp3 2Mb
Roy Orbison - Sings vol 1.jpg 64Kb
Files: 25 Folders: 0 Total size: 55Mb
roy orbison-sings-volume 2 1965-73 classic roy

01-Roy Orbison-You'll Never Be Sixteen Again.mp3 3Mb
02-Roy Orbison-Pantomine.mp3 3Mb
03-Roy Orbison-Twinkle Toes.mp3 2Mb
04-Roy Orbison-Losing You.mp3 3Mb
05-Roy Orbison-City Life.mp3 3Mb
06-Roy Orbison-Wait.mp3 2Mb
07-Roy Orbison-Growing Up.mp3 3Mb
08-Roy Orbison-Where Is Tomorrow.mp3 3Mb
09-Roy Orbison-No I'll Never Get Over You.mp3 2Mb
10-Roy Orbison-Going Back To Gloria.mp3 3Mb
11-Roy Orbison-Just Another Name For Rock 'n' Roll.mp3 2Mb
12-Roy Orbison-Never Love Again.mp3 2Mb
13-Roy Orbison-She.mp3 2Mb
14-Roy Orbison-Communication Breakdown.mp3 3Mb
15-Roy Orbison-Cry Softly Lonely One.mp3 3Mb
16-Roy Orbison-Girl Like Mine.mp3 2Mb
17-Roy Orbison-It Takes One (To Know One).mp3 3Mb
18-Roy Orbison-Just Let Me Make Believe.mp3 2Mb
19-Roy Orbison-Here Comes The Rain Baby.mp3 3Mb
20-Roy Orbison-That's A No No.mp3 2Mb
21-Roy Orbison-Memories.mp3 3Mb
22-Roy Orbison-Time To Cry.mp3 2Mb
23-Roy Orbison-Only Alive.mp3 2Mb
24-Roy Orbison-Just One Time.mp3 2Mb
Roy Orbison - Sings vol 2.jpg 186Kb
Files: 25 Folders: 0 Total size: 57Mb
roy orbison-sings-volume 3 1965-73 gibson -hank

01-Roy Orbison-I'd Be A Legend In Time.mp3 2Mb
02-Roy Orbison-Yes I'm Hurting.mp3 2Mb
03-Roy Orbison-Same Street.mp3 2Mb
04-Roy Orbison-Far Far Away.mp3 2Mb
05-Roy Orbison-Big Hearted Me.mp3 2Mb
06-Roy Orbison-Sweet Dreams.mp3 3Mb
07-Roy Orbison-Oh Such A Stranger.mp3 3Mb
08-Roy Orbison-Blue Blue Day.mp3 2Mb
09-Roy Orbison-What About Me.mp3 2Mb
10-Roy Orbison-Give Myself A Party.mp3 2Mb
11-Roy Orbison-Too Soon To Know.mp3 3Mb
12-Roy Orbison-Lonesome Number One.mp3 2Mb
13-Roy Orbison-Kaw Liga.mp3 3Mb
14-Roy Orbison-Hey Good Lookin'.mp3 2Mb
15-Roy Orbison-Jambalaya.mp3 2Mb
16-Roy Orbison-Last Night I Heard You Crying In Your Sleep.mp3 2Mb
17-Roy Orbison-You Win Again.mp3 2Mb
18-Roy Orbison-Your Cheatin' Heart.mp3 2Mb
19-Roy Orbison-Cold Cold Heart.mp3 2Mb
20-Roy Orbison-Mansion On The Hill.mp3 3Mb
21-Roy Orbison-I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You).mp3 3Mb
22-Roy Orbison-There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight.mp3 3Mb
23-Roy Orbison-I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry.mp3 3Mb
Roy Orbison - Sings vol 3.jpg 31Kb
Files: 24 Folders: 0 Total size: 55Mb
roy orbison-sings-volume 4 1965-73 many moods

01-Roy Orbison-Truly Truly True.mp3 2Mb
02-Roy Orbison-Unchained Melody.mp3 3Mb
03-Roy Orbison-I Recommend Her.mp3 2Mb
04-Roy Orbison-More.mp3 2Mb
05-Roy Orbison-Heartache.mp3 3Mb
06-Roy Orbison-Amy.mp3 2Mb
07-Roy Orbison-Good Morning Dear.mp3 2Mb
08-Roy Orbison-What Now My Love.mp3 3Mb
09-Roy Orbison-Walk On.mp3 3Mb
10-Roy Orbison-Yesterday's Child.mp3 2Mb
11-Roy Orbison-Try To Remember.mp3 2Mb
12-Roy Orbison-Break My Mind.mp3 3Mb
13-Roy Orbison-Help Me Rhonda.mp3 3Mb
14-Roy Orbison-Only You.mp3 2Mb
15-Roy Orbison-Down The Line.mp3 2Mb
16-Roy Orbison-Money.mp3 3Mb
17-Roy Orbison-When I Stop Dreaming.mp3 2Mb
18-Roy Orbison-Loving Touch.mp3 3Mb
19-Roy Orbison-Land Of 1000 Dances.mp3 3Mb
20-Roy Orbison-Scarlet Ribbons.mp3 3Mb
21-Roy Orbison-She Won't Hang Her Love Out (On The Line).mp3 2Mb
22-Roy Orbison-Casting My Spell.mp3 2Mb
23-Roy Orbison-Penny Arcade.mp3 3Mb
Roy Orbison - Sings vol 4.jpg 27Kb
Files: 24 Folders: 0 Total size: 58Mb
roy orbison-sings-volume 5 memphis milestones\vol 5 memphis milestones

cd 1

01 Roy Orbison- God Love You.mp3 3Mb
02 Roy Orbison- Beaujolaise.mp3 2Mb
03 Roy Orbison- If Only For A While.mp3 2Mb
04 Roy Orbison- Rings Of Gold.mp3 2Mb
05 Roy Orbison- Help Me.mp3 3Mb
06 Roy Orbison- Plain Jane Country (Come To Town).mp3 2Mb
07 Roy Orbison- Harlem Woman.mp3 4Mb
08 Roy Orbison- Cheyenne.mp3 2Mb
09 Roy Orbison- Changes.mp3 2Mb
10 Roy Orbison- It Takes All Kind Of People.mp3 3Mb
11 Roy Orbison- Remember The Good.mp3 3Mb
12 Roy Orbison- Memphis Tennessee.mp3 3Mb
13 Roy Orbison- Why A Woman Cries.mp3 4Mb
14 Roy Orbison- Why A Woman Cries.mp3 3Mb
15 Roy Orbison- Take Care Of Your Woman.mp3 3Mb
16 Roy Orbison- I'm The Man On Susie's Mind.mp3 3Mb
17 Roy Orbison- I Can't Stop Loving You.mp3 3Mb
18 Roy Orbison- Run The Engines Up High.mp3 3Mb
19 Roy Orbison- It Ain't No Big Thing.mp3 3Mb
20 Roy Orbison- I Fought The Law.mp3 2Mb
21 Roy Orbison- The Three Bells.mp3 3Mb
22 Roy Orbison- (Oh) Danny Boy.mp3 5Mb
cover.jpg 34Kb 7/19/2005
Files: 23 Folders: 0 Total size: 62Mb

cd 2
01 Roy Orbison- I Wanna Live.mp3 2Mb
02 Roy Orbison- You Don't Know Me.mp3 3Mb
03 Roy Orbison- California Sunshine Girl.mp3 3Mb
04 Roy Orbison- Words.mp3 3Mb
05 Roy Orbison- Blue Rain (Coming Down).mp3 3Mb
06 Roy Orbison- Drift Away.mp3 3Mb
07 Roy Orbison- You Lay So Easy On My Mind.mp3 3Mb
08 Roy Orbison- The World You Live In.mp3 2Mb
09 Roy Orbison- Sweet Caroline.mp3 3Mb
10 Roy Orbison- I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now).mp3 3Mb
11 Roy Orbison- The Morning After.mp3 3Mb
cover.JPG 97Kb
Files: 12 Folders: 0 Total size: 33Mb
sonny james and roy orbison-the rca sessions

01 - Almost Eightteen (Roy Orbison).mp3 2Mb
02 - The Bug (Roy Orbison).mp3 2Mb
03 - I'll Never Tell (Roy Orbison).mp3 2Mb
04 - Jolie (Roy Orbison).mp3 2Mb
05 - Paper Boy (Roy Orbison).mp3 2Mb
06 - Sweet And Innocent (Roy Orbison).mp3 2Mb
07 - Seems To Me (Roy Orbison).mp3 2Mb
08 - Apache (Sonny James).mp3 3Mb
09 - Magnetism (Sonny James).mp3 2Mb
11 - No Lanna (Sonny James).mp3 2Mb
12 - (The Legend Of) The Brown Mountain Light (Sonny James).mp3 3Mb
13 - Listen To My Heart (Sonny James).mp3 2Mb
14 - Hey Little Ducky (Sonny James).mp3 2Mb
15 - Innocent Angel (Sonny James).mp3 2Mb
16 - Broken Wings (Sonny James).mp3 2Mb
17 - The Day's Not Over Yet (Sonny James).mp3 2Mb
18 - Dance Her By Me (One More Time)(Sonny James).mp3 2Mb
19 - Time's Running Backwards For Me (Sonny James).mp3 2Mb
Files: 18 Folders: 0 Total size: 39Mb
Total for all folders: Files: 268 Folders: 15 Total size: 723Mb


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